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Refresher Lessons & Motorway Driving - Regain Your Confidence!


Been a while since you were behind the wheel?

Wish you had the confidence to drive anywhere?

Been driving abroad and want to brush up your driving on UK roads?

Whatever your background, experience or level of confidence, taking refresher lessons will blow away the cobwebs, improve your driving ability and build up your confidence behind the wheel!

Tell me what you need and I can deliver exactly that. Maybe you want to get to grips with roundabouts. Maybe you want to be more confident in busy towns. Maybe you just need that reassurance that what you´re doing is right. Whatever your needs, I can help you.


Taking a motorway will help you:

Be safe

Feel confident

Make the right decisions

Understand the rules & regulations

Gain independence to drive anywhere

At present, learner drivers are not permitted to drive on motorways. Which is why, when you pass, you will have no experience of driving on motorways.

Speeds are much higher on motorways and there can be much more traffic all travelling much faster than you are used to. That´s why your decisions need to be the right ones. There are far fewer crashes on motorways than any other road, but when a crash does happen, the consequences are likely to be far more serious.
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Hourly rates can work out cheaper when you purchase block hours.
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Hourly rates can work out cheaper when you purchase block hours.

Pass 1st time! Quality driving lessons to get you on the road.

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