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Where do I start? There are countless good things to say about ´Pass with Phil´ without a bad word to its name!

I first found out about Pass with Phil when I applied to take theory lessons during my first couple of weeks at college. It was about a month or two later that me and a friend took up the lessons provided and lo and behold, it was where I met ole Phil!

On our first driving lesson, I was very nervous with my anxiety going through the roof and Phil could see this due to my handling the car horribly down a fairly straight road in first gear! He didn´t tell me to ´shake it off´ or to ´try focus on something else´ but instead provided a sense of security that everything will be fine and nothing will go wrong as long as he was in the car besides me, he asked me to take my time and take deep breathes without rushing into it and it helped!

Phil is extremely good at his job and goes above and beyond his duty to help you succeed in driving. On any lesson he helps to break the nervousness and silence by distracting you and asking how you have been and what´s new in life before kicking straight into a lesson with you raring to go. Phil is extremely patient and doesn´t shout at all no matter how wrong you may go, he identifies your weak points (like a robot! 😉) and helps you learn to perfect them one by one. Phil also provides helpful handouts for you taking your theory test or driving test, these handouts contain very useful information about the road and the car itself (So go over them repeatedly because you´ll never hear the end of it!!!)

I would recommend Phil to absolutely anyone because let´s face it, he´s legend...wait for it...dary. Legendary!

To top all of that off, I would have to say "Thank you Phil for being a fantastic instructor, for boosting my confidence in driving, helping me pass both my Theory and Test and for having faith in me when I didn´t in myself. Y

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Pass 1st time! Quality driving lessons to get you on the road.

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