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I just wanted to take this moment to extend a heartfelt thank you to Phil, whom, - whether he realises it or not, - has really helped me in overcoming my fear of driving. Nonetheless, at thirty-five years of age I have been putting this moment off for eighteen years now. Under his expert guidance I passed my test yesterday, and over these last few months I can’t fully put into words the feeling of self-confidence he has instilled in me. That is to say, not only is Phil extremely practical in his tutelage, he is also very intuitive with an easy-going and positively charged manner. There is something of the optimist in him and it is highly contagious, - even for somebody as naturally downbeat as myself!

To summarise though, I have had three other instructors over the years and I can say without hesitation, that Phil is a good head and shoulders above them in every respect. It is sometimes difficult to find a good instructor, as ultimately, it is always a shot in the dark. However, to find a ‘great’ instructor is plain lucky. Phil is a ‘great’ instructor, and I couldn’t rate him more highly if I tried. Thanks again Phil, it has been a real privilege.

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