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1st time passer
Thank you Phil for helping me pass my test.. 1st time! I started my driving experience back in November and unfortunately made the mistake of being too keen and taking the 1st instructor that came along! I had liked Phil’s page and watched all the positive updates while I was suffering with my instructor shouting at me and draining my confidence.

After 56 hours enough was enough and I got in contact with Phil. I arranged to do an intense manoeuvres lesson 2 weeks before I had my test booked. I couldn´t believe the change in respect. He had all the time in the world for me.. Within that 3 hours I could finally reverse around a corner and parallel park!! After big discussions I told Phil I could not carry on my driving with my old instructor. I´d of been setting myself to fail. With a struggle Phil made the space for me to learn with him.. I cancelled my test and carried on driving with Phil for the next 5 weeks. I was a nervous wreck! In my head I couldn´t and wouldn´t do it! Phil reassured me and boosted my confidence. Within my 2nd lesson with him we was laughing and joking and driving didn´t seem so scary. Everything fitted into place.

I no longer had to put up with shouting! Something I wasn´t use to! With a few tears along the way Phil fully prepared me to take my test. He ensured I had all the handouts I needed ready for the big day.. He was always on hand, be it text, phone, Facebook or in person for any worries I had before test day.. He reassured all negatives and turned them into positives. .. NO BODY turns up to his lessons with self disbelief! ! I took Phil along on my driving test as a friendly face. He reassured me that I would nail my driving test.. I came out with 3 minors and a PASS.. Phil helped me join the club of 1st time pass on both driving test and theory :)

So to sum it all up.. Phil is the only driving instructor around that I would recommend. He can accommodate for even the worst of self-confid

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