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Learning to drive has been such a fun and memorable journey. It feels like yesterday since started my lessons in August, and even though I have never driven a car before I felt totally safe as Phil´s teaching methods are not over complicated which really helped me.

He never once panicked or raised his voice, and was always very positive and supportive while driving which helped my confidence grow faster. The lesson briefings that he sends after each lesson really helped me as he tells you what went well, what you need to practice on before the next lesson, and the plan for the next lesson. This helped me massively as I could go out and practice in my own car on the things I needed to practice. I don´t know any other instructor that does a lesson briefing and I think it shows how much Phil is passionate and dedicated about getting you to pass. The lessons themselves went really fast because time does fly when you´re having fun, and there was the right balance of learning and laughter (even though his jokes where terriblešŸ˜‚).

When I was doing my theory I found that his app really helped as he could monitor my progress and tell me what areas I really needed to focus on. A week before my theory test we had a lesson just on the theory which helped as I could ask all the questions I was struggling on and understand the answer rather than guess it... a week later I passed my theory first time. I really do consider Phil a friend and miss our lessons. After I failed my first test he didn´t let me give up or make me feel bad in anyway, he said I just needed to get back up go again, this positive outlook meant that less than two weeks later I had passed my test. I recommend Phil to everyone, and all really does give you 100% of his focus in the car. I can´t thank Phil enough for everything, he really is the best instructor and don´t think he truly knows how good he is.

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