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Matt W

1st time passer
My brother suggested Phil to me. Before I had the lessons, I was very nervous about driving but after the first few lessons I felt a lot more comfortable and that was because Phil had a very calm manor and stuck to the basics. Phil will give you lesson briefings each week which shows you which parts you did well and which parts need focus on. This really helped me understand what I need to do to become a better driver. Before any manoeuvre you do he goes over it showing you the best and the safest way to do the manoeuvre by drawing it out and showing you what you need to look out for when doing the manoeuvre. He is very patient and relaxed in the lessons so if you do make a mistake he will show you what went wrong. He gives out lesson handouts every week which make you more familiar and comfortable with manoeuvres and other parts to driving. In some of the handouts it shows you how to approach certain roads in Buxton for example Dukes Drive and other test routes. This helped me because when we came to the road I would know how to approach it and what steps to take to make sure that its done safely. He also helped me out massively with the theory because he creates an account for you on a theory website which allows you to complete mock tests and helps you learn the theory side to driving. Thanks again Phil.

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