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"I would like to take a moment to thank Phil, not only one of the nicest people you could ever meet but the best driving instructor in the world!

When choosing a driving instructor I was always worried what it would be like. Would they shout at you? Would they be mad if you couldn´t get something right? I have to say I chose the calmest and patient driving instructor and so should you! I spent most lessons laughing and smiling, and couldn´t wait to get driving again the following week. Even on bad days he would never complain or get annoyed, despite me having a breakdown over parallel parking!

Phil was great from start to finish, from the moment I first moved the car 2 metres and screamed with excitement to the nervous wreck taking my test.

I´ve always found it hard to learn by being told things and preferred to take a more ´hands on´ learning method. Phil respects each and every one of his learners learning skills and adapts every single lesson. He had the patience of a saint trying to explain the same manoeuvres over to me again and again. He then continued to have the patience when I didn´t understand the theory test. He took the time and we sat through it and after 1 hour I was able to see where I was going wrong and suddenly the hardest thing In the world seemed so simple!

Lessons with Phil were always jam packed full of information and fun. Whether it´s learning something new or just perfecting and practising that manoeuvre giving you the confidence when passed to get it right every single time.

To summarise, Phil isn´t a guy that just teaches you to pass your test, he teaches you to drive. Believe me there´s a big difference. He will go the extra mile for anyone and will do whatever he can to help you always in a professional but fun manner! I have even had the confidence now to take on a driving job, only a couple of months after passing. I couldn´t recommend Phil more.

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