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Get the quality driving lessons you need to pass 1st time!

Want to pass your driving test first time? Want an instructor who will help with theory? Want refresher or motorway lessons? Want to regain your confidence after years of not driving or after an accident?

I am here to help and guide you every step of the way and to make driving a pleasurable experience, giving you the knowledge, confidence and self belief to know you are a competent and safe driver.

When choosing a driving instructor, you want someone who teaches you to drive, not just get you through your test! I offer a mixture of professional dedication and programs that you won´t find anywhere else. All driving lessons are conducted in a calm, patient and even fun manner, putting even the most nervous learners at ease very quickly.


Taking your driving lessons with me will give you the confidence you need to succeed when the test day arrives. Not only am I there to help you learn to drive, but I will give you all the help and support you need with Theory and hazard perception, together with lesson briefings, free handouts and your own personal record card to help with your progress.

Call me on 07791 555797 to arrange your lessons.

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A great start to Monday morning as huge congratulations go to Anna, who passed her driving test with only 6 faults. A great drive, well done. It´s been an absolute pleasure taking you for lessons. Enjoy your independence and stay safe 😊🎉


After putting off learning to drive for many years due to being severely deaf (knowing my learning experience would be a bit more challenging than the average person) - my partner(who also passed his test with Phil) had me meet up with Phil to discuss the possibility of me learning to drive with him, what a fantastic decision that turned out to be.
Together we sat down and discussed my hearing equipment and worked out how we were going to make the driving lessons as accessible as possible for me. Phil rather than seeing a problem with my deafness saw a challenge, however he was very respectful, I never once felt like a charity case or project with Phil. Phil also did his upmost best to work with the test centre to make
sure they were aware of my equipment and communication needs and make it so the only
nerves I had on test day were about driving not my disability.
In regards to lessons, every week Phil would send handouts. These contained information on the controls of the car, rules of the road, junctions, roundabouts, manoeuvres and other
practical driving skills. Passing the theory test was a piece of cake; as Phil gives you access to a practice app where he can track your progress and offer support where needed. Phil encourages you to get theory test done and dusted as soon as possible. Practical driving skills are made easier to improve upon, as after every lesson Phil sends a detailed email on
what went well in the lesson and what you need to do to improve. In fact, everything was going swimmingly, until I got pregnant! Ah, Phil bless him, was so patient and humorous through my pregnancy which with the nausea, tiredness and horrendous baby brain that came with it had me muddled and confused. Being a person with low self-esteem and nervous about driving a car anyway, Phil spent a lot of time working with me not just ondriving but on raising my confidence and sense of self-belief, the thing is he genuinely cares
about his learners. I honestly believe th


Well what an incredible journey!
Huge congratulations go to Payge, who this morning passed her driving test in Buxton with just a few driver faults, an achievement made even more satisfying in that Payge is deaf. She failed her first test just 2 weeks before giving birth to her second child, had a break, then came back and nailed it today. I am so proud of how hard she has worked and how she has applied herself through the whole process and wish her all the best with her new found independence. You´ve been an absolute star in the car and we´ve shared laughter and tears and I´m going to miss you (although you´ll always catch me in Nero having an early morning coffee). Take care Payge and well done again, you deserve it.


Pass with Phil driving school was a great experience for me as Phil was a very understanding instructor who put me at ease and helped me build confidence whilst at the wheel.


A massive thank you to Phil who helped me to pass both my theory and driving tests. He is an exceptional instructor who made me feel both comfortable and at ease when in the car. He is a very funny and passionate guy who makes learning to drive more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Phil to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive. An absolute top guy.

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